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NotS is back ina dah cyber space.

(Is it still called that? I'm getting a  bit to old to keep up with the new catch phrases.)







Greetings fellow followers of the way of the Nerds on the Streets.

This site has yet to come up with a better purpose than to present it's owner with e-mail adresses and a place to dump stupid pics and stuff for easy access. Maybe one day this place will amount to something, but I seriously doubt it.


As stated, I have no idea what to do with this site, right now I'm just typing over the Lorem Ipsum stuff with other gibberish. Maybe if I push in some conceptual sketches people will get exited! Yeah, and maybe I throw in a bit of story for the pictures



The four Nerds fighting some evil-doers in their imagination. Björn was pretty pissed off I remember about being degrated from a muscular hulk to some sort of brain trust dude with a slight homosexual posture. And it didn't get any better as the work progressed...


I developed caracters based on classic superhero comics. Anders with his interest for computers and bad temper became some sort of high-tec knight, Joakim who constantly let his mind wander off on bizarre excursions got to be a wizard of sorts. I took the role as the mischievous jester caracter (don't ask why our heads were on fire)...





...and Björn who still was grumpy about the unflattering portrait I draw of him, got colours!




The pre-formated web page came with this excellent side bar. I think I'll make use of it as a image dumping place.



Ah, the mysterious NotS orb...



MANNEMAN, in hero costume.


URSUS, in hero costume.


TJ, in hero costume.


RUDE BOY, in hero costume.